Business and Marketing Intelligence

Our experience has taught us that marketing communication does not escape the Pareto principle: for all companies, around 20% of the clients generate 80% of the revenue. However, too often the essential 20% of clients do not receive the required attention, as time and resources are spent on the other 80%.

Global trends show that customers are increasingly interested in on demand content, when they are exposed not to pre-planned and finite communications campaigns but to constantly changing messages informed by the customer needs at each specific moment.

For that reason, we became the first certified partner to “Oracle” in Lithuania and began applying their communications management tools for projects involving digital content. Doing so enables us to form and foster customer relations in real time by analyzing their interests and needs, as well as to meet these needs with purposeful communications that lead the customer to purchase the product or to use the service offered.

We offer a qualitatively new spectrum of strategic services: from an anthropological analysis of the relevant stakeholder needs and problems to comprehensive high-level stakeholder management frameworks and solutions.

Having ensured that the majority of your clients will receive unique content with our communications management tools, you will be able to give more personal attention to your most valued clients.